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Programs beginning with "A": Provider
         Automotive Services  (Certificate) 49er Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive Services (Body)  (Certificate) Central Sierra Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive Services (Engine)  (Certificate) Central Sierra Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive Smog Technician  (Certificate) Advanced Automotive Training
         Automotive Technician Training  (Certificate) Universal Technical Institute of Northern California
         Automotive Technology  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive Technology  (Certificate) Yolo County Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive Technology II - Brakes, Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, Suspension/Steering  (Certificate) Sacramento County Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive: Air Conditioning and Body Electrical  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Air Conditioning Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Alignment and Brake  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Automatic Transmission  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body and Paint  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body and Paint  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body Repair  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Brake Repair  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Brakes  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Chassis  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Chassis  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Claims Estimator  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Collision Technology  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Drivetrains  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Drivetrains  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Drivetrains and Axles  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Electrical Systems  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Emission Control  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Emissions and Driveability Tune-Up  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Engine Machining  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Engine Machining  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Engine Performance  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Engine Repair  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Heating and Air Conditioning  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Heating and Air Conditioning  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Master Automotive Technician  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Master Mechanic  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Master Mechanic  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Painting and Refinishing  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Parts and Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Power Train  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Service Technician  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Suspension and Steering  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Transmission Repair  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Transmission Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Tune-Up and Drivability  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Tune-Up and Drivability  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Undercar Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Avian Sciences (Undergraduate and Graduate)  (Degree) University of California, Davis
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