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Programs beginning with "A": Provider
         Automotive Technology  (Certificate) Yolo County Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive Technology II - Brakes, Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, Suspension/Steering  (Certificate) Sacramento County Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
         Automotive: Air Conditioning and Body Electrical  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Air Conditioning Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Alignment and Brake  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Automatic Transmission  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body and Paint  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body and Paint  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Body Repair  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Brake Repair  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Brakes  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Chassis  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Chassis  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Claims Estimator  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Collision Technology  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Drivetrains  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Drivetrains  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Drivetrains and Axles  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Electrical Systems  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Emission Control  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Emissions and Driveability Tune-Up  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Engine Machining  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Engine Machining  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Engine Performance  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Engine Repair  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Heating and Air Conditioning  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Heating and Air Conditioning  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Master Automotive Technician  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Master Mechanic  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Master Mechanic  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Painting and Refinishing  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Parts and Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Power Train  (Certificate) Sierra College
         Automotive: Service Technician  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Suspension and Steering  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Transmission Repair  (Certificate) Cosumnes River College
         Automotive: Transmission Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Automotive: Tune-Up and Drivability  (Certificate) Yuba College
         Automotive: Tune-Up and Drivability  (Degree) Yuba College
         Automotive: Undercar Service  (Certificate) American River College
         Avian Sciences (Undergraduate and Graduate)  (Degree) University of California, Davis
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